Pinkston's Truck It all began in the mid 1950s. Ted Pinkston opened Pinkston’s Termite & Pest Control for business in the mid-1950's after retiring from his job as a Plant Inspector at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. As the company grew, Pinkston's started offering chemical lawn care treatments that were sprayed with a red dye which made lawns appear pink in color. People all over Tulsa knew who Pinkston's was whenever they saw a pink lawn. In 1981, the business was sold to Mr. Pinkston's partner, Ron Blythe. In 1985, the name was changed to Pinkston's Turf Services. Today, we serve the Tulsa Metro area with one goal in mind - to always serve our customers with integrity and top quality products.   Check out our video Facebook Link (918) 438-4300 • 10903 E 2ND ST • TULSA, OK 74128