Tree Care Professional Tree & Shrub Services Your trees & shrubs are valuable asset to your home and family. We are dedicated to the cause of helping your landscape be healthier and more vibrant. Caring properly for trees & shrubs requires a working knowledge of plant species, life cycles, disease susceptibility, harmful insects, chemical control measures, and environmental protection procedures. We have the expertise in these areas and the experience to properly make decisions that will benefit your landscape. We offer three tree & shrub programs to fit the needs of your landscape and budget. Pinkston's Tree & Shrub Services We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to controlling the insects and diseases in your landscape environment. Monitoring the landscape is a key to successfully controlling harmful elements in the landscape. The actual number of visits made to your home and the treatments done will vary according to the needs of your trees and shrubs. At the initial landscape inspection our trained tree & shrub specialist will evaluate the needs of your plants and build a plan to care for your landscape. Treatments will be tailored to meet the needs of your special landscape. Note: Some plants are prone to problems that are not controllable with insecticides or fungicides. These problematic plants will be identified, the problem will be clarified at the time of the inspection and if there is a solution to the problem, it will be explained. Would you like to receive a free quote?   Facebook Link (918) 438-4300 • 10903 E 2ND ST • TULSA, OK 74128